Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Veridian Technologies we have two main goals. The first is getting your business more business! We may not be able to help you manage your employees or “open your store” on holidays, but we can design a website that exactly fits the brand of your business, and we can drive customers directly to you using our local SEO practices! Our second goal is making everything we do, easy for you. Tell us what you want, and we make it happen. How much easier can things get?

Custom Website Design

A perfectly designed website for your business is essential for grabbing and keeping your current and potential customers. During our website design process, we can match your brand or create a new one!

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your business on “Page 1″ of Google isn’t something we’re just good at; with our SEO, our customers dominate their local listings. Is your business ready to dominate Google?

Responsive Web Design

With so many different size devices to access the web on nowadays you want to make sure your website is displayed properly when being accessed. Responsive website design is the answer to that. Re-size this browser window or view it on a different device. Because of responsive design, the contents of this site will always be formatted to fit the screen!

SEO Keyword Research

Deciding what keywords will get you effective results for your website may seem like a simple task, be certain that it’s not. We spend hours researching keywords for your webpage until we have exactly what we know is the perfect list for you. We use dozens of tools, systems, and software’s to produce the perfect list of commercial intent keywords for your website.